Sunday, 7 January 2007

iClaustron: Open Source Grid Cluster Storage Controller

Google Tech Talks October 17, 2006

Mikael Ronstrom has a Ph.D in technical information systems. He is the founder of the technology in ... all » NDB Cluster, the storage engine of MySQL Cluster. Lately he developed the Partitioning feature in MySQL 5.1. He has a long background from the telecom industry with many innovative solutions developed. Currently he works as an open source consultant at iClaustron AB and spends also some time on some new ideas in the area of clustered storage systems.

ABSTRACT Many applications has requirements to store petabytes of base data and many terabytes of structured data. Examples of this are genealogy, astronomy, biotech and so forth. This talk will discuss requirements from the genealogy application and show how this requirements requires building very large clustered systems with an hierarchy of clusters. These clusters are used to both store base data and structured data. He goes on to show how these requirements translate into a systems architecture with essential components of off-the shelf servers, cheap storage, clustered software and integrated cluster interconnects.

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